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May 09, 2007


Though we try to keep the navel-gazing to a minimum, at some point in the next day we will pass the 10,000 hits mark for our little blog project over here.  Readership seems to be increasing as well, and I for one am extremely grateful to all who take time out of their day or night to engage us.  When I started this blog in September 2006, I said that the quality of this blog is mostly a function of the dialogue it facilitates, and I absolutely meant it.

I also have tried to stress that my vision for this blog project has always been to exist as a network for persons interested in exchanging ideas about the medical humanities, and in that sense, the more voices contributing to the discourse here, the better.  To this date, only brave Kelly has volunteered to guest-blog here, though I understand completely that not all have either the time or the inclination to author posts. 

In any case, I just wanted to thank our audience for hearing our voices, and to remind any who wish to add their own that space is available.    


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Kelly'd like to note that brave might not necessarily be the most accurate descriptive of herself - clinically insane might be closer to the truth. ;-)

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