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March 19, 2009

Call for Applications: Chair of Department of Medical Humanities & Social Sciences, Florida State University


The Florida State University College of Medicine invites applications
for the position of Chair of the Department of Medical Humanities and
Social Sciences.  The Chair reports directly to John P. Fogarty, Dean
of the College of Medicine and is responsible for all academic and
administrative activities.

The Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences is a unique
academic unit that encompasses several disciplines in the humanities
and behavioral/social sciences.  The fields of interest of the current
10- member Department are diverse and wide ranging.  The Chair will
provide leadership to the department and its educational programs,
including the integration of humanities and behavioral/social science
content into the medical curriculum.  The Chair is expected to promote
faculty development, research and scholarship.  They will serve as a
role model and be actively involved in multidisciplinary teaching of
medical students, residents, fellows and faculty.

We seek accomplished scholars whose academic achievements meet the
criteria for the rank of full professor and who have a wide- ranging
appreciation for the medical humanities and social sciences with a PhD
or MD/PhD in one of the humanities or behavior/social sciences.  A
strong record of research and scholarship, and a commitment to
multi- disciplinary research and teaching, the biopsychosocial model,
and the college's mission are essential.  The ability to foster
consensus and collaborative process not only within the College of
Medicine, but throughout the institution and community will be

Please send letter of interest and curriculum vitae to:

Eileen P. Blake
Alexander, Wollman & Stark
1835 Market Street, Suite 2626
Philadelphia, PA 19103
610- 399- 5284
610- 399- 5285 fax

Electronic submission is strongly recommended.


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