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September 29, 2006


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This blog is a very exciting contribution to the blogosphere. A tremendous amount of work has obviously already gone into all the linked resources. Thanks, Daniel, for providing such a wonderful nexus for medical humanities. I look forward to participating in discussions about the concepts elucidated here. It will be very interesting to compare and contrast the British and American paradigms.

For a start, so much of L&M seems to be aimed at enhancing the 'literary attentiveness' of doctors. Can the discipline stand on its own two feet outside the medical school?


Thanks for all of the kind words. I agree with you on the hope to get some very interesting cross-talk going on between the British and the American perspectives on the medical humanities.

Your observation on the ways in which L&M is targeted at doctors seems quite astute. In some ways, it mirrors the early days of American bioethics, which had to focus its rhetoric and discourse on the gatekeepers to the medical paradigm (the physicians).

I tend to think that is a major factor in the success of the principlist paradigm of bioethics, that the methodology and modality of bioethics were presented in a way that would (hopefully) be minimally threating, and maximally familiar, to physicians.

I wonder if, in wanting to get L&M into medical schools (and into clinical settings), an analogous kind of targeted rhetoric and discourse was needed or wished for.

Of course, as you note, L&M is most certainly a worthwhile pursuit on its own, even outside the medical school and clinical paradigms.

Again, thanks for all of the kind words, and I look forward to much blogversation.

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