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April 15, 2010


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Part of some general troubles the Centre fell into regarding finances. But overall the Trust is phasing out Centres and Units. They aren't going to be responsible for admin and other costs. Universities are going to have to pick up the tab if they want a detached centres devoted to Hist of Med...same thing has happened at Oxford.

I can't begin to express how stunned I am by this decision.

Having been out of the UK for a few years, it is hard for me to judge the reasons behind this decision?

Is it evidence of further drift towards the public understanding of science, or did the Wellcome take a big hit in the GFC? Is UCL so badly damaged by the cuts that it can't bear its share of the support?

Whatever, it's a black day for medical history.

As regards the future of the discipline, one could argue that the discipline has now 'come of age' and can obtain funding and run journals without the Wellcome to hold its hand.

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