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May 14, 2007


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Daniel Goldberg, a second-year PhD student in medical humanities, is out of the gate a day early with his edition of Grand Rounds. Nothing wrong with that, of course, just took me a bit by surprise. In the event, he's got 30 interesting posts; a good... [Read More]

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Our weekly Grand Rounds is up: Medical Humanities Blog: Grand Rounds (Vol 3, No. 34) Next weeks’ is a little different, at ImpactED Nurse. It’s not a theme, so much as a ‘send me your best’ [Read More]


Thanks for including me.

Super 'Rounds, Daniel! Thank you for hosting, and for doing such a great job!

Thanks for including my post in this week's Grand Rounds (and for recognising it as humour!) :)

I join the Greek Chorus and say thank you for the inclusion. Well done on putting this together. It looks like a lot of great reads.

What a rich GR! This requires a full carafe, a little early music and some time to savor! Thanks for including my entry.

Nicely done, Daniel. Nothing like a little disagreement to get the discussion going. Don't you just hate it when the host agrees with all the submissions?

In any case I hope readers will give my argument for negative copays a fair hearing. I'm not arguing in favor of abusive practices; I'm hoping employers will steer financial incentives in ways that help patients. If that helps drug companies , too I don't mind.

Hey David,

I certainly didn't mean to imply you were in favor of abusive practices, only that you are willing to tolerate them for other advantageous ends. I'm not sure I agree with this formulation, but more so, the interests of employers and employees arguably diverge far too much and too often to hope that by attaching health care delivery to labor markets we can maximize both health and rents. In fact, the declining rate of employer-sponsored HI suggests that more and more employers are becoming aware of this divergence.

JMO. Thanks for reading and commenting, especially from a fellow Card.

Well Done!

A small correction: Scott's blog is Polite Dissent.

Thank you for including my post, and thank you very much indeed for a set of interesting links that have kept me entertained and enlightened for several hours now (and still have some to look at!). Having difficult times over here, and it really helps to have something to distract from them. Best wishes from grey Liverpool

Thanks for including me, super job putting this weeks edition together.

Excellent edition of Grand Rounds - thanks for your hard work and for including ChronicBabe. Best wishes -

Great Grand Rounds! Thanks for putting this together.

Impressive! thanx for including me!

Love that blockprint! Thanks for including my post and all the fascinating stories here.

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