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September 05, 2007

Medical Humanities Blog: Syndication

While we try to keep the navel-gazing around here to a minimum, I did think it was important to announce that I have entered into an agreement with Newstex, a commercial blog aggregator that standardizes blog content and delivers it to clients across of a variety of sectors.

Given the Creative Commons 3.0 License the blog content is licensed under, use of the content for commercial purposes is prohibited absent the express permission of the site owner.  I had to think quite carefully about whether I wanted to waive this prohibition in this instance, and it was not easy to do so.

Though the compensation involved is likely to be quite small, the effects of money on behavior are often only weakly correlated with the value of the gift (this comes up frequently in the literature on conflicts of interest in clinical research, for example).  Nevertheless, after much consideration, I decided to accept Newstex's offer and anonymously donate all proceeds therein to an entity connected to the medical humanities (name withheld to preserve the anonymity of the gift!). 

As always, comments are welcome.


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