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February 17, 2008

Conference on Psychiatry and Freedom

The International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry is hosting the 11th International Conference for Philosophy & Mental Health, Oct. 6-8 2008, in Dallas, TX.

Conference Description
This international conference will combine invited and submitted papers and structured discussions on a range of themes concerning the relation of psychiatry and human freedom. The intended audience is the public, mental health professionals, philosophers, social scientists, ethicists, humanities academics, and policymakers. A range of topical “sections” have been organized, which explore the domain of Psychiatry & Freedom. The conference organizers welcome suggestions and submissions for novel “sections.” Sections may include invited and submitted papers, “paper sessions” and “symposia”(see “Three Ways to Submit Abstracts” below). A Conference objective is the development of conference sections or presentations into chapters for one or more topical books to be published in a book series under the “Psychiatry and Freedom” rubric. The official conference language is English.

Conference Objectives
The conference intends to assess the status of psychiatry's impact on, or contribution to, human freedoms; assess ideological, political, sociocultural, methodological, and epistemic influences on psychiatry as a humanitarian discipline; and propose constructive ideas for public and professional policy concerning mental health care and its place in society. The conference is intended to stimulate scholarly interest in the issues of psychiatry and freedom, and organize an international community of scholars around this theme.

The deadline for Abstract submissions is March 1, 2008.  Further details can be found here.

(h/t Neuroethics Society)


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