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October 11, 2007

Question for Readers: Blog Workshop

Excuse the navel-gazing, but readership continues to increase, we have four guest-bloggers (but are always seeking more), and the MH Blog has already exceeded my admittedly humble expectations.

The blogosphere has proved more powerful a tool for discourse on the medical humanities than I had dared hope, so I have the relatively ambitious notion of hosting a Medical Humanities Blog Workshop.  This may be over-ambitious, so I'd like to throw some questions out to any and all potential readers:

do you think the idea has legs? Why or why not?

To make this worthwhile, we'd need to have at least 3-4 submissions, though the idea of a Workshop is that works in progress are just as welcome as manuscripts nearing submission.  If there is enough interest, I think that it could be fruitful. 

Please leave a comment with your thoughts or email me separately if you would be so kind as to share your perspectives.

As always, thanks for reading and contributing.


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Well, this sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Maybe this way we'll get to read your dissertation--or at least parts of it! I have a hard time imagining any compelling reason(s) for not at least trying it out. I suppose it's largely a matter of widely disseminating the Workshop idea in the Medical Humanities, Bioethics and Health Care Blogosphere, which shouldn't be too difficult, if the success of the various "carnivals" are any indication. It's nice to have an appropriate user- and audience-friendly forum with which to explore and test one's ideas before finally submitting them for publication. And of course there's the likely spillover effect that finds this blog attracting yet more sympathetic if not supportive readers and contributors.

Hi Patrick,

I've got oodles of stuff I could use. Your suggestions of disseminating the idea in the larger (MH, ethics, policy) blogosphere is a good one. But the response, I fear, has been somewhat tepid, which is fine. Without at least 3-4 participants, it wouldn't be worth it, IMO. I'll keep you posted.

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